Conviction and Trust

Are there times when you just wanna go back in time so bad? Do you ever wonder why God made it where time kept going? I believe focus was the key. If God wanted you to stay in regrets, depression, sin, and guilt He would’ve made it where time wouldn’t keep moving. So why do we feel bad? Conviction and trust. The Holy Spirit brings conviction for your heart to recognize what’s going on and the start of the process. And trust to for God to force you to lean and depend on Him solely for your future. Without those two instruments we become caught up in sin and pride and become lost not knowing the difference between what He does and doesn’t do in our lives. Have you ever wondered if you were in situation that the devil caused? But here’s the key, what if it was not the devil? What if it was God? God does these things to bring us back down to humility. Without humility how would we know of His wonderful works? Conviction and trust people of God. Conviction and trust.


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