Your season is here!!!!

For some of you this is the season of overflow!!!! Yes, you will hit the overflow!!!! God says its time now for a change in your life like never before. You’ve tapped into the presence of God, now it’s time to go deeper and experience his true glory and abundance. No more tapping and more dipping. Let’s dive into His glory and presence and see all of the wonderful miracles, signs, wonders, and unveiling in the supernatural world. After He unveils things in the supernatural world. You can take it back to the natural world and spread it around. Let’s ask the Lord to make His Holy Spirit contagious to the body of Christ! Let’s ask for the Holy Spirit to be airborne to the people of God. So the ones that have never tapped before can tap into the presence of God and the ones who have already tapped, can dive and go even deeper. Let’s come together and experience the glory of God. It starts with you praising His name, it starts with you worshipping Him out of Spirit and of Truth two key components that the spirit needs to dwell. Come before Him offering Him your life, your all, every dream, goal, aspiration. Just give it all to Him. Let’s go deep people of God!!! Are you ready for the epic experience of the glory of God!!! I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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