What am I learning?

This semester God has shown me an array of things that He can do. One thing I’ve learned is that God can show you what you can do, but the world shows you what you can’t do. When the world shoves doubt and negativity in your ears and it really gets to you, rely on God for strength. The more you tell Him how awesome He is, the more He shows you why He’s so awesome. (God is just cool like that- He can do whatever He wants to do whenever He wants to do it).
There were plenty of times that I felt like He just wasn’t listening, but He was. I think when we get so consumed in our everyday problems, we expect for God to say something back. But when we talk to our friends and family when we’re going through a hard time we expect them to listen not talk right? Well, that’s what He’s doing too. We’ve got to learn to first trust him, humble ourselves at all times, and most of all rely on Him for our strength especially in the midst of weakness. I assure you that he will definitely put a smile on your face when you put a smile on His. Make God proud. He wants to be happy about your obedience. To constantly see His children doing the right thing just makes him jump for joy just like our earthly parents. God is a happy God. Don’t you want to make Him happy? He makes you happy right?


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