God says what!?!…..

God says, “I am changing your plans!!” We need to hear Him. There are so many times that God is telling you something but you may not hear it because you are consumed by the world and all of the negativity around you. Stop, pause, take a break from the world to listen to His words. His words are powerful, but you have to separate yourself from everything to hear them. This is a beautiful place to connect with Him. This is also a great place to lay down your worries, plans, and life before His feet. This is the place where you need to bow down to Him. He’s showing you another level that you’ve never seen before. He is changing your plans because He says that there are several opportunities that has YOUR name on them. The place that you are going does not have them!!!! This is your season for answers! This is your season for opportunities! And most of all THIS IS YOUR SEASON FOR ENDLESS POSSIBLITIES! Are you willing to change your plans?


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