“Don’t cry my sweet child”

God says, “My Sweet Child, I am working through you!” Those tears that you have belong to me. Every time a tear drops from your eyes, I am catching them in my hands. I blow upon those tears, and those tears of suffering immediately turn into tears of joy. These same tears of joy will pour upon your life from the abundant glory that I have. Those same tears will be converted into anointed blessings that you did not know existed. Those same tears will edify you. Those same tears will allow you to have more favor and anointing over you life. My sweet child, don’t get weary, just rest in me and I will give you strength. It seems like you are walking in the midst of darkness, but the devil is just blindfolding you. It may seem like there is not a light at the end of the tunnel, but I am using this time to shine THROUGH you to show you how to trust me. This is the only way that I can use this as a teaching mechanism for you at this time. Do you love me? Do you trust me? Let me shine through you. And you will be able to see all of the things that you can do!”

My God is an awesome GOD!!!!!


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