“But God, I don’t feel anything. WHY!?!

“But God, I don’t feel anything. WHY!?!

Are you just in a numb season of your life. Do you just feel like you just don’t know and kinda don’t care anymore. I’m here to tell you that it is okay. God is not mad at you just because you feel nothing. It’s okay. There’s so much going on right now. And I want to encourage you to keep looking up to God today. Yes, we can always go to our rooms and close the door and just never want to leave, but do you want to live your life that way. Do you want to think about all the stuff you did this week and say, “I was in my room, depressed.” I want you to tell God how thankful you are. You are have breath in your body. You can actually read this blog right now. You are ALIVE! You are here for another day. There was a child who did not make it. There was someone who did not get a chance to see there family today and love them. There was someone who did not get a chance just to kiss their child one more time. You have the chance to do that right now! God has pulled you through so if you don’t think that He will not pull you through again reflect on everything right now. You need your faith. Ask God and tell Him how you feel. Reflect on your life. He wants you to. He will pull you through. It is already done you know. You just have to trust and keep working. Are you going to give up or go? There are only two options.

I love you and Jesus loves you so much more!


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