God says, “I can save you!!!”

Earlier today I took a nap and yes it was a little lengthy.  It’s actually what I call a “Jesus nap.” Why? The nap is so long that it’s almost like you see Jesus. Well I guess you could say that this nap was a true Jesus nap because yes Jesus was in it!!! Now I’ve been praying and hoping for an encounter with Him so I’m thankful for whatever He reveals to me. Here we go…

So in my dream, my family and I were coming home and it was at night so of course it was dark outside. I was the last one to get out of the car trying to get all of my things together before I get out. Well, my dad always waits until the last person gets out. There are three females and he’s the only male in my family so it’s self explanatory. Ok, my door is open, it’s dark and I’m almost done getting everything out when all of a sudden my dad comes back and the look on his face is terrifying. He tells me to close the door like in a panicky voice. So, of course I’m like what in the world is going on. I close the door just in time before I realize that there is a huge lion outside of the car on MY SIDE!!! He backs away real slow and tries to get some water to distract him. Why? I don’t know this is a dream so anything goes. All of sudden, the lion comes to the passenger side of the car and picks up the car with one of his paws (this is the side that I’m on of course). I am super super scared and in my mind I don’t know what to do. So I sit and wait and wonder what I could do to help. I think really hard and fast and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit says why don’t you pray. I say to myself well yeah I need to pray now would be the perfect time. I need him right now. So I immediately start praying and I mean going in like tapping deep into his presence. I notice that the more I kept praying it was more like the visible power coming down from heaven surrounding the lion. The lion look puzzled and would start to put the car down the more the Holy Spirit started to stir. Every time that I slowed up the lion would get happy again and would pick up the car even higher. So the more I prayed, the more I had to stay deep in God’s presence. I kept praying and kept praying and more and more the Holy Spirit started stirring all around the lion until Jesus was visible in the midst of the cloud of glory around the lion. I kept going and kept going until the lion let the car loose.

My interpretation of the dream is this:

Scary, harsh world

God says, “The world may be dark, scary, and harsh but even when the lion comes to attack as long as you focus on me, I will save you! You have to stay focused on me and dive deeper into my presence. When the Holy Spirit is stirred around you and that situation I will reveal more of myself and my son to your and your life. My face shall shine upon your situation. My face will save you. My face brings peace to your life. I am the only one that can save you. No other human can save you. Nobody but me!!”

I honestly believe this is was a true illustration to help all of us understand that He is the only one that can save us. My dad tried but he could only do so much. It wasn’t until after Jesus’ face was revealed in the midst of the cloud of glory is when the lion could no longer attack and hold me hostage and afraid. My name is Ariel meaning “lion of God.” I definitely think this was the perfect illustration because we have to pray without ceasing. Nobody can save us from these dark situations except God. Nobody but God. So when we become entangled in situations we can’t let fear take over. We can’t just stand and get consumed into the hostage that we are in. We have to step out and be warriors for Christ! This was a battle between the physical lions in our lives and the real true warriors and spiritual lions that we can be. This also reminds me of the lady that was crippled in the bible and Jesus specifically states, “woman thou art loosed.” This truly reminds me of that because it wasn’t until His face was visible to me and brought abundant peace over the situation is when the lion let go and I was loosed from the situation immediately! God says, “I want to make you into my lion. Stand tall and firm ready to conquer and nothing will stop you. Nothing will touch you, nothing will beat you, and absolutely nothing shall defeat you.”

I declare and decree that in Jesus name!!

Psalm 91 (more specifically verses 12 and 13)

Acts  2:17

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:


2 thoughts on “God says, “I can save you!!!”

  1. This is a very powerful illustration and testament to the lory and power of God!. Yes the is world as we know it is often a very dark place. We have tap into the presence of God to receive the power that the Holy spirit places in us to survive. Without it we are doomed! Thank you for this message of perseverance & hope. God allowed you to see & interpret this be a use we all need to know it. May God continue to bless & keep you and use you to bring his word to his people. Peace , blessings, & much love!

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