When will enough be enough!?!

When will enough be enough! When will enough be enough for us to get on our knees and start praying? And I am not talking about the five year old lay me down to sleep prayers. I am talking about praying to the Almighty Jesus Christ to cover us in His blood to protect us and to change the hearts and minds of all of these people. When will enough be enough for us to get back into the churches asking for the Holy Spirit to sweep this nation and all nations to seek after Him. When will enough be enough where we run to His word for guidance and stand tall not being afraid. We are letting the devil make us flee. Our prayers and praise can easily make Him flee. Let’s start praying harder and constantly have our mind on Jesus. It’s when we take our minds off when the enemy comes to knock us off of our feet. We cannot be moved. We will not be moved. The devil will try but He can only do so much. We serve the Heavenly Father that created the world in six days. The devil cannot do that! We serve the Lord Jesus Christ that was so powerful that death could not even HOLD Him. Let’s tell the enemy that He can’t hold us. We need to pray, pray, and PRAY EVEN MORE!


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