You struggle daily for a reason!

Instead of writing in a diary like I used to do as a young child, I like to keep a journal of my letters to Jesus. I felt like it would be more beneficial that way. I can truly say that as I pour my emotions on paper, He immediately pours wisdom into my spirit every time! Today I learned about circumstances and the struggles that we face on a daily basis. As I was writing and thinking about my life this immediately came to mind.

God says, “If you did not face these struggles daily, you wouldn’t seek me as often as you do. If everything was perfect you would have been consumed by all of those things out shopping with all of your wealth, sleeping in that huge house, out driving in that brand new car. Instead, you face me each and everyday through those challenges and because of that you learn to lean and depend on me daily. Life will never be smooth, and just like Job you will always learn. At the end of the book of Job, I explained to Him depth of all of his struggles before He was rewarded. Your life story is a test for you but a teaching mechanism for the lessons of life for others. I can’t teach if you don’t struggle. I can’t get your heart if you don’t give it to me. Even my son Jesus faced me when He went to the mountain to pray. Look to Jesus as the example to face me and never stop!”

See everything is part of His plan for your life. Keep facing Him. Please don’t give up on life. It may get hard but just know that no one’s life is  easy. Even Jesus faced struggles. If God made it where Jesus faced struggles then I know that we will face and CAN get through them. Believe in yourself, keep the faith, and most of all fight on!!!!


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