Let’s get it together!

2015 has turned into a year full of offense, lack of gospel, and now less morality. Morals are no longer first priority. We have let so many things slip through our fingers and become the place where we stay rooted and consumed by what the latest celebrity has done, trying to live out our life fast and beat everyone else or let everyone know our business on social media. 2015 has become a year that a lot of people have broke loose and not care. Compassion has fallen off the mountain and morality has gone out of the window. It’s time now for change. We need to pray for change for our nation, the church, all of our generations, and society as a whole. We need to put out the hypocrisy, lies, violence, offense out and stand up for Christ and make a straight and narrow path that is focused on positive change for future generations to come and our church. Now is the time for us to GET IT TOGETHER heading into 2016! Let’s Spread God’s Love One Heart of at a Time!


5 thoughts on “Let’s get it together!

  1. And the fundamentals in doing this are (1) intimacy with God (knowing the Father’s love for us) and (2) knowing our TRUE and glorious identity in Christ. I have been blessed greatly by watching YouTube videos of Dan Mohler preaching this. For those who prefer to read excerpts/partial transcripts, many are available now on TheLordIsWithUs.com. May the Lord bless you and all who press into Him with everything they’ve got!

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