Don’t get fooled!

Many Christian leaders try to convince or teach that the Old Testament is now invalid. Just letting you know that there was a Mosaic Covenant that was established. The commandments are still to be obeyed simply because they came straight from God. The only difference is that Jesus came as the sacrifice for us instead of us making a sacrifice for our sins. Remember Jesus came to FULFILL the law, NOT to destroy it (Matthew 5:17). Therefore, Jesus made the Mosaic Covenant COMPLETE when He died on the cross. This is now where grace comes in. You can’t get grace without the order that God has set before. You can’t bake a cake without cooking it first, you have to gather the ingredients and PUT THEM IN AN OVEN. Just because it is the year of 2016 DOES NOT invalidate the old testament. Let’s spread God’s Love One Heart at a Time!

Exodus 20:1-17


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