Make your Heavenly Father and King Jesus Proud!

There were two parables that Jesus mentioned in Matthew chapter 13 verses: 44-46. The two parables consisted of a hidden treasure metaphor as well as a metaphor of a merchant man who sold all he had to buy a pearl.

The Kingdom of Heaven should constantly be on our minds all the time. Jesus doesn’t forget you, so why should you forget Him. It’s so easy to be consumed by all of the craziness on Facebook, the news, “personal drama/gossip,” and anything else that we really shouldn’t worry about but we do. Where is Jesus in our lives? Let’s take the time to evaluate ourselves and express to Jesus that we need him, repent, and show him that we love him.

What’s most important? To love and fear the Lord and to keep his commandments. Don’t lose his commandments. We have His words for a reason. We have instructions for a reason. Don’t let His word sit in the corner collecting dust. You need to read it. It’s the best book ever! We should constantly think about all of the awesome things that we won’t have to worry about in the Kingdom and work towards that. Do good, be good, make your Heavenly Father and King Jesus proud!


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