As tears flow down your face…

As those tears flow down your face, just know that you are loved. Know that your Heavenly father is proud of you. Realize that you are not alone. It may feel as though you are alone, but if you just look up, look to the sky, and look beyond the sun, Jesus is right behind that sun with love reaching out his hand to you. Speak to Jesus, speak to him and let him know that your heart is heavy. He wants your burdens. He wants your tears. He wants your pain. He wants you to know that you are loved. He wants you to know that He is your source of strength. He wants you to know that His words are sitting down here with you called, “The Holy Bible.” He wants you to know that everything will be okay. He wants you to know that trouble will not last forever. Your storm, tornado, hurricane, earthquake or whatever the storm may be will calm down. Peace will flow into your life. Love will fill your heart. And joy will surround your spirit.

When you feel so disappointed due to the change that has taken over your life, just realize that this is all part of God’s plan to provide a learning experience for you. You did everything that you could do. So just know that it will get better in due time. It may have been a rough road and yes it was hard. But at the end of the day, all that matters is that you got through it and you did it!

Who is this for?
Every college student who just got out of the roughest semester of their life, that mother who feels overwhelmed by everything, that teacher who is coming out of the hardest school year, that individual who will see Mother’s Day without their mother, that individual who may have lost a close family member or friend, and anyone who needs to know that there is hope lying at the end of this dark tunnel. Jesus is living in your heart. He has your back and most of all is looking down saying, “I got you!”


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