“I am Unleashing Miracles!”

God says, “I’m unleashing miracles! Sweet child look up, look to the sky, and look beyond the sun. I’m right here for you, in you, and beside you. You will not suffer for long. Your miracle is just around the corner. You are my child. This storm will soon pass. Your pain will not last long. The miracle is right next to you. Just focus on me.”

-Spreading God’s Love One Heart at a Time!


2 thoughts on ““I am Unleashing Miracles!”

  1. Thank you for this word; amen! I want to encourage you to check out something the Lord has been teaching me for months now.: “Our Exalted Position” is a series exploring our corporate identity in Christ, and God’s astounding purposes for us in these key end-times. Parts 5 and 6 (most recent) really start weaving the Scripture threads together, but you’ll want to start with the foundational Introduction and proceed sequentially for the maximal impact. Here’s the link to the Intro. God bless you!

    Our Exalted Position – Introduction – The Lord Is With Us

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