3 Types of Life’s Obstacles

There are three types of obstacles in life;
1. God trying to teach you a lesson
2. The devil trying to test you
3. You hindering yourself from your full potential

It’s so super easy to get our daily obstacles and challenges confused. I will say this, there are several moments where it is either 1 or 3, but we don’t recognize it because we are distracted from God at the time. Take your time, pray, and look for the signs around you.

~Ariel Mobley
Spreading God’s Love One Heart at a Time!


“I am Unleashing Miracles!”

God says, “I’m unleashing miracles! Sweet child look up, look to the sky, and look beyond the sun. I’m right here for you, in you, and beside you. You will not suffer for long. Your miracle is just around the corner. You are my child. This storm will soon pass. Your pain will not last long. The miracle is right next to you. Just focus on me.”

-Spreading God’s Love One Heart at a Time!

“I’m right here!”

When you wake up and feel like a failure, or when you wake up and feel like broken glass shattered everywhere, this is for you.

God says, “My sweet child, connect with me. I’m right here. Call on my name, call on the name of Jesus and immediate peace will cover you. Call on my word, and immediate joy will cover you, and call on my presence and immediate love will flow through to you. I am with you everyday and every hour. You never face life alone. Close your eyes, listen for my voice. I will never leave you because I created you. I made you with the sound of my voice just like I made the earth. You are special to me. You are my original piece of work. My love is shared through you and your relationships. Smile even in the midst of your pain, sorrow, anguish, and hard days. Why? Because every problem, circumstance, situation, worry, and burden, is already taken care of written in the depths of my hands and paid on the cross. Smile, I want you to be happy. Read my word, I want you to know my truth. Look up, look to the sky, look beyond the sun, that’s where I am to watch you, love you, lead you, and guide you because most of all, I love you more than you even understand!”

I'm right Here!.jpg

Our King has RISEN!!

Our King Has Risen!!

Today is the day that we celebrate the Resurrection of our King. The same King who was betrayed, beaten, spate on, who carried his cross to Calvary, who was nailed on the cross between two thieves, who died on the cross for all of our sins. This is the same King who people did not believe. This the same King who fulfilled the law of Moses (Old Testament Mosaic Covenant). This is the same King who died on a Friday, was buried in a tomb. And TODAY, TODAY, is the day that we celebrate that our King Has RISEN! He is Alive. He is still Alive. He is alive in you and me! And every miracle, every blessing, healing, and just any and everything has been done because of our Lord JESUS CHRIST who now sits at the right of the Father in Heaven. He is constantly watching us. He feels sad when we are sad. He is happy when we are happy. He is mad when we are mad. He feels our pain. He will never leave us nor forsake us. He will always be right there even when nobody is else.

Today we celebrate the RISEN King and He IS ALIVE!

I LOVE MY JESUS! ‪#‎ResurrectionDay‬ ‪#‎Love‬

Luke 24: 44-48
44 And he said unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning me
45 Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,
46 And said unto them, Thus it is written, and thus it behooved Christ to suffer, and to rise from the dead the third day:
47 And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.
48 And ye are witnesses of these things.

What did you say!?!

Keep in mind that the age and period that you are at now is the easiest it gets. The older you get, the more problems and challenges you will face. This is not to be negativity but to say be content where you are at now. When I was in middle school, I wanted to be in high school. When I was in high school, I wanted to be in college. You see my point?

God wants us to be happy no matter what stage we are in. Smile. Things will get easier but don’t look at the next stage as if it will be the answer. Every level has pros and cons.

Random thoughts and moments with the Lord 🙂

Make Him proud!

Every time that you call on the name of the Lord in your most deepest and darkest moments, you are making him proud. You are making your Heavenly Father so proud to know that his children know where to go and seek for true guidance and help. Life can get hard and WILL get hard if you’re not already there. All you have to say is, “I need you Jesus!” He hears your cries during the day and in the middle of the night. When your heart is weeping and you feel like falling apart, just call on the name of the Lord and He will come running to save you, carry you through, love you, and take care of you!

Let’s say it together, “We need you Jesus!!!”

My revelation from God!

I am truly convinced that the glory of God will just take the world by storm in all nations including this nation. I am also convinced that this nation will be on fire for Christ. You may call me crazy, but I call it faithful and true. I believe that we will see the manifestations of not only our prayers, but the prayers of our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and of several generations back!

Don’t Give Up!

Just because life or more specifically that situation gets tough doesn’t mean that it’s not the purpose that God has planned for you. DON’T RUN! Be strong and courageous warriors and stand up against that obstacle. You are God’s child. Moses went back and forth and made excuses at first telling God that he could not speak well, and that the children of Israel would not listen, and even when the Pharaoh said no the first time, but you have to keep going back. As long as it is in the will of God, it is meant for you to keep trying. Moses kept getting decline before being able to get the children of Israel out of Egypt. And then it took years and many generations to finally get there!!!

So what am I saying? Don’t give up! It’s still the beginning of 2016, things might not look up now but don’t give up. You have so much more strength that is in you for the road ahead. Moses had to learn not to give up. And I think that we should see a lot of similarities between Moses and the obstacles in our lives. Don’t give up!

God says, “I won’t give up on you so you shouldn’t give up on you. Keep me and my commandments first!”

Prayer from your child

profile pic.png

Dear Jesus,

I pray that whoever finds this photo will find you and seek you. I pray that they give their life to you. I pray that they will follow your word, your spirit, your presence, and most of all your voice! We need you down here day and night. People don’t want to give you the praise but I will. On behalf of every person, every family, every nation, everywhere I say please Jesus we need you down here. We need you like never before. We can’t live without. We can’t breathe without you. We can’t do anything without. I will not give up on when your word is right here in front of me. I will not stop praying just because I don’t feel like it. I will not stop just because the world has turn their backs on you. I will not give up just because everyone else says to. I love you Jesus. You are the only one that hears my cry in the middle of the night, that feels my hurt and pain when no one else does, that can come to my rescue and protect me when the enemy tries to tear me down. You are right there. You will never leave and for that I love you and praise you forever and forevermore!! You have my heart! You have my mind! You have my family! You have my friends! I surrender everything!

Child of a King!

God, is this really for me?

If you truly want to know if something is for you, here’s the best advice for anyone. If you want to know if this is something is in God’s plan you know by this one secret…

If everything in that situation goes smooth as butter. (THAT IS IN GOD’S PLAN FOR YOU) That’s the secret. Why? Because God puts favor around his children. He doesn’t allow his children to suffer in situations to have a hard time. Trust me on that one. If it’s smooth and everything is laid out for you He has that in HIs plan for your life. If that situation is rocky and you have to keep picking up the falling pieces you might want to go back to the corner and pray about that situation. If you ask God, “If this is part of your will for my life Lord I want it. If not, snatch it away I don’t want anything that is not in your will for my life.”

How do I know? I’m a living testimony, you can trust me on that!