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Spreading God’s Love One Heart at a Time is an online ministry built to encourage and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the digital world. This ministry was founded by Ariel Mobley in 2014 to not only ensure that everyone receives the light of hope, but to receive the gospel by passing out bibles as well. Feel free to message SGL’s Facebook page or email at spreadinggodsloveoneheartatati@gmail.com for prayer requests and/or testimonies!

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STOP and Embrace!!!!

Answered Prayers

Don’t be shy, share your story-Circles

Easy Access-Easter Message

Embracing God’s Beauty

I Can’t Take It Anymore!!

My Thoughts for the New Year

Please Don’t Take Jesus Out of the Picture!

Is Your Life Worth all of this?

Life can get really hectic right? Well, today we will talk about how it should not consume us. We all need to stop and embrace God’s word and presence even when we are surrounded by chaos.

The Value of Endurance

Today we will be coming out of Psalm 126 verses 1-26. We will be discussing the value of endurance starting from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and how we use it today. Sit back and listen and let’s spread God’s love together one heart at a time! #SpreadingGodsLoveOneHeartataTime

Yes, He Did All Of That For YOU!

Today we discuss Jesus’ love and how he has the power over life and death.
1st John 10: 11-21

The Right Crowd

Today we are discussing Psalm 1 and about following the right crowd to have a good influence for us .

The Importance of Prayer

Seasons and Testimonies