3 Types of Life’s Obstacles

There are three types of obstacles in life;
1. God trying to teach you a lesson
2. The devil trying to test you
3. You hindering yourself from your full potential

It’s so super easy to get our daily obstacles and challenges confused. I will say this, there are several moments where it is either 1 or 3, but we don’t recognize it because we are distracted from God at the time. Take your time, pray, and look for the signs around you.

~Ariel Mobley
Spreading God’s Love One Heart at a Time!


The favor of God is upon you!

The favor of God is upon you! God has His appointed people in every family. These are the ones who contain his favor as long as they stay stead fast to His word. When the Holy Spirit moves upon you His word is manifested and His blood is rooted around you to protect you and anything in your path. The blood will protect you, your family, your future and anything that deals with you. As long as you stay in His presence and His word, God’s anointing and favor will come. It is up to you to stay focused on Him! If you take away just the smallest part of your focus, you are making way for the devil to come in. So stay focused on His word, His power, His anointing and His blood. As long as you do this NOTHING SHALL STOP YOU, NOTHING SHALL TOUCH, NOTHING SHALL BEAT YOU, AND NOTHING SHALL DEFEAT YOU! In the name of Jesus! Love you and Jesus loves you even more!
Ariel C. Mobley
Spreading God’s Love One Heart at a Time!

God says, “Let me shine my light through you!”

God says, “Let me shine my light through you!”

Transparent for the Almighty King

God is gathering His remnants to decree and declare His glory all over His territory. He is looking for warriors that are willing to proclaim the name of Jesus all over the earth, to every nation, and share His gospel through voice and appearance. Most people don’t realize that we have to be transparent for Him to really use us. We are like windows that can reach to the outside being transparent enough to connect Jesus to the world. We are the windows that can shine that light from the outside to the inside effecting anything within viewing perspective. We are those windows, but we have to be clear windows so the world can see. His remnants are people that will allow God to unwrap them of anything that He does not need for them to accelerate to the next level. After that is taken care of, He can then use them as the window to shine His light, glory, and presence for the world to see. This is the best part because you can convey His glory just by walking into a room. His light will shine through you. Jesus says in John 12:32 “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” Allowing Him to shine His light through you will allow others to be drawn to His presence. Lives can change and people can be saved just by showing God’s presence, love, and shining His light and glory everywhere you go without realizing it. Take the first step and surrender to Him! Let’s be transparent for the Almighty King!

God says, “Your harvest season has arrived!!”

God says, “Your harvest season has arrived!! Everything that you’ve been anticipating is here. Everything that you have sown in the supernatural will come to pass in the natural this season. The season of change and the atmospheric shift has arrived to elevate you to a level that you have never imagined seeing. Keep pursuing after my presence and calling on my firstborn son Jesus. When his name is proclaimed, divine glory and protection surrounds you. The season is here! Be prepared to reap all of the wonderful harvest that you’ve sown in my kingdom!”

He show is something! (Old lady voice)

It’s something about an answered prayer that will make you pray harder, that will make you pray longer, that will make your faith build up, that will make you lift up the name of Jesus more and more until you find yourself just lost in His presence forgetting where you are, and how you got there!

There is something about His awesome presence that will inspire you to keep pressing, pursuing, and seeking after Him so much that you forget how far you’ve come from the natural world that you find yourself separate from the world and never want to return.

There is something so powerful about the name of Jesus that will blow your mind with the overwhelming change that it will bring to lives, minds, hearts, souls, and places that you never thought it could reach!

Random thought! I love my Jesus!

God says, “I can save you!!!”

Earlier today I took a nap and yes it was a little lengthy.  It’s actually what I call a “Jesus nap.” Why? The nap is so long that it’s almost like you see Jesus. Well I guess you could say that this nap was a true Jesus nap because yes Jesus was in it!!! Now I’ve been praying and hoping for an encounter with Him so I’m thankful for whatever He reveals to me. Here we go…

So in my dream, my family and I were coming home and it was at night so of course it was dark outside. I was the last one to get out of the car trying to get all of my things together before I get out. Well, my dad always waits until the last person gets out. There are three females and he’s the only male in my family so it’s self explanatory. Ok, my door is open, it’s dark and I’m almost done getting everything out when all of a sudden my dad comes back and the look on his face is terrifying. He tells me to close the door like in a panicky voice. So, of course I’m like what in the world is going on. I close the door just in time before I realize that there is a huge lion outside of the car on MY SIDE!!! He backs away real slow and tries to get some water to distract him. Why? I don’t know this is a dream so anything goes. All of sudden, the lion comes to the passenger side of the car and picks up the car with one of his paws (this is the side that I’m on of course). I am super super scared and in my mind I don’t know what to do. So I sit and wait and wonder what I could do to help. I think really hard and fast and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit says why don’t you pray. I say to myself well yeah I need to pray now would be the perfect time. I need him right now. So I immediately start praying and I mean going in like tapping deep into his presence. I notice that the more I kept praying it was more like the visible power coming down from heaven surrounding the lion. The lion look puzzled and would start to put the car down the more the Holy Spirit started to stir. Every time that I slowed up the lion would get happy again and would pick up the car even higher. So the more I prayed, the more I had to stay deep in God’s presence. I kept praying and kept praying and more and more the Holy Spirit started stirring all around the lion until Jesus was visible in the midst of the cloud of glory around the lion. I kept going and kept going until the lion let the car loose.

My interpretation of the dream is this:

Scary, harsh world

God says, “The world may be dark, scary, and harsh but even when the lion comes to attack as long as you focus on me, I will save you! You have to stay focused on me and dive deeper into my presence. When the Holy Spirit is stirred around you and that situation I will reveal more of myself and my son to your and your life. My face shall shine upon your situation. My face will save you. My face brings peace to your life. I am the only one that can save you. No other human can save you. Nobody but me!!”

I honestly believe this is was a true illustration to help all of us understand that He is the only one that can save us. My dad tried but he could only do so much. It wasn’t until after Jesus’ face was revealed in the midst of the cloud of glory is when the lion could no longer attack and hold me hostage and afraid. My name is Ariel meaning “lion of God.” I definitely think this was the perfect illustration because we have to pray without ceasing. Nobody can save us from these dark situations except God. Nobody but God. So when we become entangled in situations we can’t let fear take over. We can’t just stand and get consumed into the hostage that we are in. We have to step out and be warriors for Christ! This was a battle between the physical lions in our lives and the real true warriors and spiritual lions that we can be. This also reminds me of the lady that was crippled in the bible and Jesus specifically states, “woman thou art loosed.” This truly reminds me of that because it wasn’t until His face was visible to me and brought abundant peace over the situation is when the lion let go and I was loosed from the situation immediately! God says, “I want to make you into my lion. Stand tall and firm ready to conquer and nothing will stop you. Nothing will touch you, nothing will beat you, and absolutely nothing shall defeat you.”

I declare and decree that in Jesus name!!

Psalm 91 (more specifically verses 12 and 13)

Acts  2:17

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

“God, I’m starving!!!!!!”

God is looking for children that are starving for Him. He is looking for people that are so hungry for His glory and His presence. His presence needs to be tapped into. There are so many people that just don’t know what it’s like to tap into His abundant glory. God is waiting to elevate His children to the next level. Are you ready?

Just like someone that is so hungry that they start getting a pain in their stomach. We need to be just that hungry. We need to feast on His word day and night to get fed. We need to pray so hard that we forget what day it is. We need to tap, dive, and rest in Him so that He gives us an identity that the world cannot give us. When we focus on Him others see Him through us. Lives can be changed. Hope can be brought to the hopeless. We can tap into His presence to help miracles take place for so many others that need it. People need us and it starts with us tapping into his presence and constantly running after him. God says, “I’m right here waiting on you my child!”

Why do I keep crying!?!

God says, “Those tears are tears of intercession. You may not know what you are crying about because it is my Holy Spirit cleansing you of all of the things that you don’t need to get to the next level in my presence. After that season is over, you will see what I have prepared you for. Those tears mean so much more than what you think. Those tears are my tears. They belong to me. When my Holy Spirit intercedes don’t worry or interfere. I know what I am doing. Do you trust me?”

God says, “Follow my fire!”

There is something special that God wants all of his children to know. God says, “My sweet child, follow my fire. My fire is a beautiful representation of my presence. This is where you come into my presence like a dirty piece of coal and leave looking like a fresh diamond. My presence is worthy of changing you because of the abundant grace and holiness that you’ve never experienced. There’s so much more. Just by one step at a time you are tapping into just the beginning of all of the wonderful glory ahead. Each step will take you to a different level beyond your own natural mind. You will be amazed! Keep following to unveil the mystery that you didn’t even know exist and be surprised!!!”

Just like the children of Israel, God wants to lead us and guide us to another level in him. You just have to keep walking and following the fire. Follow the fire wherever it may be. Follow the fire to the group of people that exemplify God’s presence and light everywhere they go. Follow the fire to that church that is constantly providing new levels of knowledge and levels in the holy spirit and word that you cannot find anywhere else. Follow the fire. We constantly need to seek and find that fire no matter if it seems like we are searching for a long time. Follow the fire. If you want change in your life you need to follow the fire. If you want to experience more of God’s presence follow the fire. You don’t want to miss out on all of the wonderful, beautiful, and abundant glory that you cannot find with anything else around you, near you, or in this natural world. GO!