“God, I’m starving!!!!!!”

God is looking for children that are starving for Him. He is looking for people that are so hungry for His glory and His presence. His presence needs to be tapped into. There are so many people that just don’t know what it’s like to tap into His abundant glory. God is waiting to elevate His children to the next level. Are you ready?

Just like someone that is so hungry that they start getting a pain in their stomach. We need to be just that hungry. We need to feast on His word day and night to get fed. We need to pray so hard that we forget what day it is. We need to tap, dive, and rest in Him so that He gives us an identity that the world cannot give us. When we focus on Him others see Him through us. Lives can be changed. Hope can be brought to the hopeless. We can tap into His presence to help miracles take place for so many others that need it. People need us and it starts with us tapping into his presence and constantly running after him. God says, “I’m right here waiting on you my child!”


“But God, I don’t feel anything. WHY!?!

“But God, I don’t feel anything. WHY!?!

Are you just in a numb season of your life. Do you just feel like you just don’t know and kinda don’t care anymore. I’m here to tell you that it is okay. God is not mad at you just because you feel nothing. It’s okay. There’s so much going on right now. And I want to encourage you to keep looking up to God today. Yes, we can always go to our rooms and close the door and just never want to leave, but do you want to live your life that way. Do you want to think about all the stuff you did this week and say, “I was in my room, depressed.” I want you to tell God how thankful you are. You are have breath in your body. You can actually read this blog right now. You are ALIVE! You are here for another day. There was a child who did not make it. There was someone who did not get a chance to see there family today and love them. There was someone who did not get a chance just to kiss their child one more time. You have the chance to do that right now! God has pulled you through so if you don’t think that He will not pull you through again reflect on everything right now. You need your faith. Ask God and tell Him how you feel. Reflect on your life. He wants you to. He will pull you through. It is already done you know. You just have to trust and keep working. Are you going to give up or go? There are only two options.

I love you and Jesus loves you so much more!

Why do I keep crying!?!

God says, “Those tears are tears of intercession. You may not know what you are crying about because it is my Holy Spirit cleansing you of all of the things that you don’t need to get to the next level in my presence. After that season is over, you will see what I have prepared you for. Those tears mean so much more than what you think. Those tears are my tears. They belong to me. When my Holy Spirit intercedes don’t worry or interfere. I know what I am doing. Do you trust me?”

What am I learning?

This semester God has shown me an array of things that He can do. One thing I’ve learned is that God can show you what you can do, but the world shows you what you can’t do. When the world shoves doubt and negativity in your ears and it really gets to you, rely on God for strength. The more you tell Him how awesome He is, the more He shows you why He’s so awesome. (God is just cool like that- He can do whatever He wants to do whenever He wants to do it).
There were plenty of times that I felt like He just wasn’t listening, but He was. I think when we get so consumed in our everyday problems, we expect for God to say something back. But when we talk to our friends and family when we’re going through a hard time we expect them to listen not talk right? Well, that’s what He’s doing too. We’ve got to learn to first trust him, humble ourselves at all times, and most of all rely on Him for our strength especially in the midst of weakness. I assure you that he will definitely put a smile on your face when you put a smile on His. Make God proud. He wants to be happy about your obedience. To constantly see His children doing the right thing just makes him jump for joy just like our earthly parents. God is a happy God. Don’t you want to make Him happy? He makes you happy right?

What does it take?

Another level

God gives us two options in life. Since He gives us free will you have the power to decide what you want to do. These two options are powerful because either way God gets what He wants because of His majestic power and authority. So God says do you want to get rid of your unfruitful bad habits or do you want me to yank them out of you? Either way He wants you to ascend to another level in Him and He is waiting for you! He wants to see the best in you. Unfruitful habits and an unfruitful lifestyle is not pleasing to Him. You have gifts and talents that you never thought you had. Now is the time to seek and find them. The only way is by getting rid of the unfruitful habits. Will you unwrap of the unfruitful things? Or do you want God to unwrap you? The time is now to decide. Because God is on a time crunch. He needs warriors that will rise up and make a difference and he does not have time to waste. So what will you do?

God is pure and holy. He does not dwell in lies, deceit, and uncleanliness!
Ezekiel 44:9
Ezekiel 44:23