He show is something! (Old lady voice)

It’s something about an answered prayer that will make you pray harder, that will make you pray longer, that will make your faith build up, that will make you lift up the name of Jesus more and more until you find yourself just lost in His presence forgetting where you are, and how you got there!

There is something about His awesome presence that will inspire you to keep pressing, pursuing, and seeking after Him so much that you forget how far you’ve come from the natural world that you find yourself separate from the world and never want to return.

There is something so powerful about the name of Jesus that will blow your mind with the overwhelming change that it will bring to lives, minds, hearts, souls, and places that you never thought it could reach!

Random thought! I love my Jesus!


God says, “You better get ready!!”

God says, ” You better get ready! I’m about to send an atmospheric shift so big it will blow your mind. Move other things out of the way and take time to focus on my presence day and night. Get ready. You just don’t know what I have in store for you. Households will be changed. Hearts will change. Minds will changed. Lives will be changed by the move of my Holy Spirit. You will be blown away by the abundant changes just by the blow of my breath one time over your life, family, workplace, and everything and everyone around you. GET READY! Keep seeking my presence! “

“God, I’m starving!!!!!!”

God is looking for children that are starving for Him. He is looking for people that are so hungry for His glory and His presence. His presence needs to be tapped into. There are so many people that just don’t know what it’s like to tap into His abundant glory. God is waiting to elevate His children to the next level. Are you ready?

Just like someone that is so hungry that they start getting a pain in their stomach. We need to be just that hungry. We need to feast on His word day and night to get fed. We need to pray so hard that we forget what day it is. We need to tap, dive, and rest in Him so that He gives us an identity that the world cannot give us. When we focus on Him others see Him through us. Lives can be changed. Hope can be brought to the hopeless. We can tap into His presence to help miracles take place for so many others that need it. People need us and it starts with us tapping into his presence and constantly running after him. God says, “I’m right here waiting on you my child!”

Please God Hear my cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please O’ God Hear my prayer. Please God Hear my cry!

Heavenly Father,

We need your glory upon this earth right now Lord Jesus. There is so much fear. There are people in the midst of anxiety. There is too much violence. There is so much going on. We need you heavenly father. Please God hear my cry. Just like you heard the cry of the children of Israel I know that you can hear the cry of the children made in the image of your firstborn Jesus Christ. Just like you heard them in the midst of bondage in Egypt and just like you heard Job in the midst of his tribulation. I know that you can hear my cry. I love you Lord. And I will forever lift up your voice. I will forever glorify your name. There are people that are suicidal. There are people that are grieving right now. There are people hurting on the inside and out. Jesus you have all the power to speak over every situation. Over every child in the midst of darkness. Over every child that doesn’t know if they will ever be held. Over every person that is afraid to go to sleep because they are afraid that they will not wake up tomorrow. You have all the power to speak. Speak right now Lord over those dark clouds. Speak right now over the foolish minds. Speak right now over he deceitful hearts. Speak your salvation over the lost hearts. Speak right now over the tears of pain and sorrow. Speak right now God over fear and anxiety consuming your people. GOD PLEASE HEAR MY CRY. Just like you heard the cries of your children and freed them from Pharoah. I know that you can speak over every situation. Apply your blood God. Redeem your lost sheep. Speak over every dark child. Hear my cry God! Hear my cry! Hear my cry Jesus! Hear my cry. You have all the power. Please O God! Hear my cry! Speak right now in the name of Jesus!!!. Send down your angels of ministry. Send down your angels of protection. Send down your angels to guide your people. We need you. Through your blood and your fresh breath of life, anointing, and salvation move those clouds in the mighty precious name of Jesus! AMEN!

I had a dream that I was going to post something.

There are so many sick children in the hospital who may not live to see tomorrow. There are so many people that cry themselves to sleep every single night. There are so many people that feel so low, depressed, and so bad but nobody knows about it. There are people that we have no clue how they feel on the inside because they don’t want the world to know what’s going on in there lives. There are a lot of people whose past is eating them up. There are a lot of things going on in this world, in different households, in different countries all over. We seem to forget that often. What about that child that asked their mother, “Why do I have this disease? Why am I sick all the time? Why can’t I go to school and have a childhood just like everyone else?”

When everyone else forgets, God doesn’t! When you feel lonely like there is no one else just know that there is someone that you can call on. He may not be sitting right there in front of you, but He’s in your heart. All you have to do is get on your knees and talk to Him. If you don’t know how to talk to Him just try. There are a lot of people that may say that they don’t know how to pray. Jesus taught us how to pray in Matthew chapter six. Just go to Him. This world will only last so long. Please just try talking to Him and see how your situation turns better in due time. Trust Him. Seek Him and you will find Him.

What does it take?

Another level

God gives us two options in life. Since He gives us free will you have the power to decide what you want to do. These two options are powerful because either way God gets what He wants because of His majestic power and authority. So God says do you want to get rid of your unfruitful bad habits or do you want me to yank them out of you? Either way He wants you to ascend to another level in Him and He is waiting for you! He wants to see the best in you. Unfruitful habits and an unfruitful lifestyle is not pleasing to Him. You have gifts and talents that you never thought you had. Now is the time to seek and find them. The only way is by getting rid of the unfruitful habits. Will you unwrap of the unfruitful things? Or do you want God to unwrap you? The time is now to decide. Because God is on a time crunch. He needs warriors that will rise up and make a difference and he does not have time to waste. So what will you do?

God is pure and holy. He does not dwell in lies, deceit, and uncleanliness!
Ezekiel 44:9
Ezekiel 44:23

But God!?! (Hey no excuses)

Is God telling to do something? Are you making excuses? Think about it. Think real hard. Whatever God is telling you to do, go for it. He won’t leave you hanging! He will never leave you nor forsake you, he will be right there. You have the power and strength to do it. Just trust him. You are talented enough. You are not too old or too young! You can do it! Go for it. God is watching you. Don’t let life pass you by without following the call that God has set for you in your life! Spread God’s love one heart at a time through your calling, gifts, and talents. Go!!!!!

Following the call