Life Changing Moment

I can definitely say that there were a few life changing moments that have captured my attention growing up. I was one who knew what death was at the age of four, saved by five, and had a another life changing spiritual awakening moment at 18. All of these moments served significance but I faced another life changing moment just about a week ago. The other week I had finished class and had to run some errands. There’s a particular road that gives me trouble when it comes to merging in traffic because you have to watch for two stoplight areas before pulling out. I almost got hit going this way before, but it was because of my mistake of not paying attention to the second traffic area. So this time when I came to merge, I looked straight back at the path where majority of the traffic comes from. Then I made sure to look at the area that gave me trouble last time. So I look back and look to the other area and look back again and slowly pull out. Now I didn’t notice how slow I was ago until I thought about this a few days ago. As I was pulling out, I had to be going about 15mph. And as a testimony as well, I don’t know why I was doing 15 but if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t be here right now. As I was slowly merging, the biggest silver truck came out of nowhere along with two others so close to the car I screamed. This truck was going at least 65 in a 45-50 mph a zone. I screamed and stopped immediately and looked and merged quickly into the lane.

To some or most of you, you might be thinking well stuff like this happens all the time or that I am dramatic right now. But for me, I am praising the Lord. You see it wasn’t until the next morning that I realized how life changing that could have been. If I would have pulled out, that trucked would have dragged me down the street, pushed me into the rail, or pushed me over the rail. If I would have pulled out, I would be in the hospital or possibly dead right now. If I would have pulled out, I could have been paralyzed, had broken bones, memory loss, brain damage only the Lord knows.

On top of all of this, true reality set in when a girl that I went to school died a a day or two later from an accident. This girl was the same age that I am now and went to the same school. I thought about how that could have been me. Whether you are a believer or a not, I wrote this to tell you that nobody is exempt from death.

In a matter of a few days I was still struck with all of this saying to myself God kept me through it all. Before I walk out the door everyday, I make it part of my routine to say a prayer and read Psalm 91. This is the reason why. You never know what you are going to face when you walk through the door. You never know what may happen even when you are at home feeling safe. You never know what may happen in the next two minutes. You never know what life may bring. And most of all, you never know what the devil will try to throw at you. This was a life changing moment because it made me aware. The more that I do my best to fulfill the purpose and plan that God has for me, the more that I continue to spread God’s love one heart at a time, the more that I read my bible, the more that I put God first in everything that I do, the more he will get mad. The more I try to do all of these things he will try to stop me.

I say all of this to be honest and tell you the truth. The devil does not want the best for you. He wants you dead. He wants you to be down, depressed, confused, ashamed, hurt, lost, and abandoned. He wants the absolute worse for you. I want you to know this. God has got your back more than you could ever imagine. God is aware of what the devil is TRYING to do to stop you from doing what’s RIGHT! I believe that is why He made His word to lead us and guide us through all of these moments. The devil tried to stop Jesus. He even had the audacity to try to pull some scriptures into his confused little brain of his to detour him. Jesus replied multiple times. God is aware of what you are going through. He is aware that the devil does not want the best for you.

Jesus came to save us from sins and all of the nasty, dirty, filthy, things that the world and the devil will try to stick on us. Jesus died on the cross and as long as we believe that he came, suffered, and died, everlasting life will unlock to us spiritually.

After this incident, I thought to myself how I don’t want my last moment on earth to happen on the day that I was too busy to pray or read my bible. I don’t want my last moment to be when I was not following my heart when Jesus is speaking to me. I don’t my last moment to be tending to something that God has not justified and predestined for me to be or do. Due to all of this, my life has changed once again. I thank God that he will save during moments like this but teach us as well. I know He sent his angels to watch over me, to lead me and guide me, to cause me to do something that I didn’t realize I did to save me. I keep telling HIM, “You saved me, you saved me!” I think of how that simple moment is just like when we take him into our hearts. When we first accept Jesus Christ into our lives, He saves us and never stops. That’s a life changing moment! Thank you Jesus for everything!!!!!

Thank you for the air I breathe.

Thank for the food I eat.

Thank you for the overwhelming love that you have for me.

Thank you for preserving me.

Thank you for protecting me.

Thank you for your grace.

Thank you for your mercy.

Thank you for your love.

And most of all thank you for saving me!!!!!!


Make Him proud!

Every time that you call on the name of the Lord in your most deepest and darkest moments, you are making him proud. You are making your Heavenly Father so proud to know that his children know where to go and seek for true guidance and help. Life can get hard and WILL get hard if you’re not already there. All you have to say is, “I need you Jesus!” He hears your cries during the day and in the middle of the night. When your heart is weeping and you feel like falling apart, just call on the name of the Lord and He will come running to save you, carry you through, love you, and take care of you!

Let’s say it together, “We need you Jesus!!!”

God says, “Do you trust me?”

I remember it was some time ago during my first semester of college and I was just walking around the house when this small yet powerful voice came to me and said, “Do you trust me?” It really caught me off guard so bad that I stopped and just paused for a second. Then the voice came to me and said again, “Do you trust me?” I immediately knew that it was God speaking to me but it was something that I was not willing to face at that time.

When I was growing up, there were a whole lot of deaths in my family. It all started with my maternal grandmother when I was five years old. Nobody had to explain to me what death was because I already knew  at such a young age. From then on aunts, uncles, cousins passed away year after year ranging in three or sometimes more throughout the years. Thank God it was not a parent or sibling because honestly I don’t know how I would have handled it. Anyways, my trust in God was at a minimum. Sadly, I trusted Him to a point and then I thought in my little mind of mine that I would take it from there. I know that was wrong now but at that time I was too afraid to trust him. I felt that if I did trust Him everything would be taken away. This was something that no one actually knew about I should have told my parents but I didn’t so I had to deal with the consequences on my own growing up. Overall, by the time I graduated from high school my trust in God was at like 5%. I was petrified of what He would do to my family. I was so afraid that He would take someone away again and I felt like I just could not let that happen to me again. That night when He asked me if I trust I knew with everything that I didn’t but I was afraid to say, “I know you are God but I don’t trust you.” So instead, I did not answer I mean this is God we are talking about not just a childhood friend deciding what yogurt to get you. So I knew that this was something I needed to face but never knew when I would face it. So that night I knew I had to work on that. That one question changed my perspective because I knew that I need to trust him.

Throughout the next three months or so, God truly taught me about trust. He would comfort me and teach me things through the verses in the bible. And the more I prayed and gave more of myself to him, the more I was starting to trust him. The more I felt safe the more I gave more and more to him. By the end of the year, my heart was on fire for Him. I could not let go of all of the awesome love that he just poured in my spirit. I would rush to my room just to spend more time with him and to pray. I would fast more to have a deeper connection. I gave him everything my all from everything I was and everything that I have. I just couldn’t resist. And now I can say that my trust in Him is overflowing like never before.

My point:

Don’t be afraid to let go. There are too many things that the devil wants to use through you to try to separate you from God. He wants you to be afraid of him. He wants you to back away from God. But God is waiting for you. He wants you to know that you can trust him. He loves you. God can comfort you and love you like no one else. You are his child. He loves you endlessly. So God says, “Will you trust me?”

Will you trust him?