Tap into the Holiness of God!

Tap into the holiness of the Lord God! This is the place where you want to be all the time. When you tap in, you become awestruck by His beauty and His presence. When you tap in, you change forever. When you tap in, you see that God wants the best for you. When you tap in, that’s where miracles take place, that’s where your healing is, this is where your eyes open up to the abundance of grace, purity, and His glorious presence that lies ahead. There’s so much more ahead. Have you tapped in yet? In order to get there, you have to get away from the world, lay down your worries, and just surrender to God, ask Him to cleanse you and sanctify you. Tap in!!! It’s unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced. Let His glory cover you and your situations. Tap, Tap, Tap! Once you tap in you never want to leave. Once you tap in, you just have to have so much more. Guess what? There’s so much more ahead. Tap into it and see how your life will change!!!

God's light


He got you!

Never doubt God because of how the situation may be. God is always using teaching mechanisms in the natural world to bring us where he wants us to be. Seek his face and ask him to reveal himself to you for a better understanding of what he is teaching you. Nobody got you like God got you!

He will never leave you!
He will never leave you!

Hunger for God’s word and thirst for his presence

Feast on all of the wonderful grace that Jesus has provided for you. Your struggle could be so much worse than how it is now. Everybody has a struggle, you just might have it a little longer than everybody else. Embrace the Holy Spirit. Let it lead you to the abundance of his glory. Hunger for the word and thirst for His presence. Seek him and he will reveal himself in the most wonderful ways.

Change is in store for you!

I apologize for not posting this when I was supposed to. In the beginning of last week, it occurred to me that God was putting change in the lives of some of you. This change is something he is using to shape and mold you! It is here to find the real you. What you have to do is accept the change that He is putting in your life. Trust him. God will not let you fall as long as you belong to him. He will never leave you nor forsake you. You are his child. So, the key to this is acceptance and trust. This is a season where you are uncomfortable for a good thing. You are lacking confidence and faith in yourself and in him. This is a way for him to reveal that in you. Your potential is there, but you have to discover it during this season. Just like a mother eagle with her child. She puts stick in the nest to make the child uncomfortable for the baby eagle to get out of the nest and learn to fly. Keep pushing yourself, keep trying, and keep praying! This is also his way of testing you. Your heart is very important to God. He wants to know where you stand on things. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Ask for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. He is using this season for great things in you that you don’t know even exist. Great things are in store for you. Are you ready to see it?

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not into thine own understanding

Watermark Trust in the Lord with all thine heart