God I’m so Tired!!!!

God's Child

If you are reading this, you could be in a great mood just scrolling through different blogs like this one. On the other hand, you may have found this blog out of desperation as you constantly google and search for something to give you some type of encouragement. You are probably feeling alone, left behind, voiceless, and ashamed. Or maybe you are feeling in one the happiest moods full of life, laughter, and just awesomeness. As I am writing this, I can tell you that I’m not feeling really motivated. As I was writing in my journal, a thought came to my mind, “Why do I feel so down when I have everything I need, I got sleep last night, and today was okay?” I don’t know. It’s just one of those days.

One thing that I do know for sure is that no matter how you feel, you will always be God’s child. You can make one billion and one mistakes. You can cry yourself to sleep every night. You can look in the mirror and feel like the world’s biggest failure, but God doesn’t see you that way. For every imperfection the world may acknowledge, that is one more thing that makes you the perfect child in God’s eyes. He loves you. He cares for you. He sent his son, Jesus to fulfill the most wonderful mission one could ever fulfill. His son died just for you and me. As we face these hard days and feel like nothing, there is a God looking straight down from heaven saying, “My child is something.” He finds you so beautiful. You are a creation that He is proud of. He smiles when He looks at you. When you hear God’s voice, peace should overwhelm your heart. For every tear you shed, His heart weeps. Why? Because you are God’s child. When your heart feels low, He feels your pain. When you look down at yourself, He says, “My child should see what they mean to me.” You mean the world and more to God. If not, He would not have given His word, His son to shed blood for us, and His love would not have been expressed as it was. You are God’s chosen child. A special, anointed, blessed child in His eyes and that is all that should matter.


If I were to die of a broken heart…

The one thing that I never want to die of is a broken heart.

Some people would probably jump to conclusions and think, “Well sweetheart, you just turned 21 last week. What are you talking about dying for?” Well I say that because when I was talking to God the other night, that thought immediately came to mind. I thought when someone has a broken heart that means to me that they kept that burden and carried it until it broke. We are not equipped to carry heartache and pain and that’s why broken hearts can easily consume our lives crushing our dreams and every ounce of hope that we have! If I were to die of a broken heart that means that I didn’t give the heavy burden to Jesus, I kept it until I couldn’t carry it anymore. So I want you to know that Jesus died on the cross for us, our sins, and our broken hearts.

Life can bring great moments as well as nightmares and although we are not equipped to handle them we can connect to the one that does, his name is Jesus. He is knocking on the door of your heart waiting for you to take Him in and He wants those burdens. You don’t have to handle life alone. Jesus is right there waiting for you. So why not just focus on His love and the path that He has laid out for you. All you have to do is just walk on it and keep your eyes on Him. His love for you is so powerful and strong that there is no one else in the world that has the capability of loving the way He does. That’s what makes Him so awesome!!! He loves you, died for you, and will never leave you nor forsake you. So, don’t let heartache consume your life, heart, and emotions look to Jesus and focus on Him. Let’s spread God’s love one heart at a time and it starts with you and me 💝 ❤ 💝😊