Before you Begin your day, read this!

You are not alone. As you face the day ahead of you, remember that you are a child of the Most High King. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. There’s no need to fear because by the blood of Jesus and by the Almighty God you are protected. With love, his presence, and his Holy Spirit you are fully equipped to begin your day’s journey. All you need is the armor of God (pray). #Psalm91 #Stillpraying #Protected

“For those of you feeling hopeless! I want you to know this”

For those of that feel like all of your hope is gone, this is especially for you.

Heading into 2016 there are three things that God says that He wants you to know~

1. HANDS OFF!! Follow the path that God has set for you and your life. Let Him do all of the work!!! God says, “I have special plans for you. Plans that your natural hands don’t have the ability to operate no matter how much power you have. I am in control. Trust me, trust my voice, trust the path that I have set for you and your life.”

2. Just know that this spring will be your season! The end of the spring just know that God has not forgotten about you. Keep putting Him first in your life. Commit to him daily. Trust Him. And most of all run to His word and His presence day and night and watch your life prosper. This spring will be your season. Don’t give up!!!!! (Psalm 1)

3. Expect the unexpected. Anticipation is awesome but terrible at the same time. Keep putting God first and doing what you are supposed to be doing and God will bless you unexpectedly! God says, “I love to give you unexpected blessings. There’s no point of giving you expected blessings because you won’t be surprised! Unexpected blessings are more fun. Just like a parent throws a surprise party for their child, I want to see that smile on your face this season!!!”

These are three things that I feel strongly about and I just couldn’t wait til the end of the week to post it! Remember to keep God first, go to His word daily, and to tap into His wonderful presence!! Let’s spread God’s Love One Heart at a Time

I have NOT forgotten about you!!!!!

God says, “My precious, sweet, wonderfully made child, I have not forgotten about you. Your season is at hand. Just be patient with me and know that you are worth more than anything on this earth to me. I have so much love for you that I sent my son Jesus down to save you. Everything that’s in your path is done strictly out of my love for you. My love is everything! The daily word is an expression of my love for guidance and direction to lead and guide you. My comforter is out of love because He will comfort you in times of sorrow and grief. I sent my light to shine upon your face when you feel like all hope is gone that there is no one else that loves you and when you are all alone. Just know that I love you tremendously and way more than you could possible imagine. Wait on me. Don’t become consumed with grief and comparison based off of what you see. And lastly, what you see is not what you get when it comes to comparison. You don’t know how that person got what they have based off of observation. That’s the enemy fooling you into thinking that I operate some of those quick blessings from those quick worldly schemes which I did not. Always remember that what I give you, I will never take away except to give you something a hundred times better!!! I love you and will never ever forget you!!!”

You are never forgotten in God’s eyes! My God is awesome!