What are you worried about?

God says, “My sweet child, why do you keep worrying yourself over things that I will work out. You can’t see it now but when you see the outcome, it will just blow you away. Stop worrying and just trust me, lean and depend on me. Go to my word for guidance. I have such an awesome plan and path laid out for you ahead. Why are you worrying? My plans are so much better than yours. Live the simple life. Choose the simple path in life and let me handle it!”


God says, “I’m waiting on you!”

A lot of times we are praying and hoping that God will do something to make whatever we want to happen, happen. We fail to realize that God has already done if it is in His plan for our lives.

God says, “My child, I am waiting on you. All of those hopes and dreams are not in vain. They will come true. They are part of your purpose and call for your life that I have specifically planned day by day and hour by day. What am I waiting on? I am waiting on you to make the first move. Notice every time that I promised to do something in the bible, I started with the word, “if.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 states, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” Notice that covenant starts with if meaning that I am giving you the option or options to make that happen. You play an intricate part in how in your life turns out. I am waiting on you to make the first step in faith to walk that path that I have laid out for you. If it is not in my plan don’t worry I will stop you before you make a mistake. Everything in your life starts with you making a step to do something. I will finish the rest for you.  Don’t trouble your minds and hearts. I am right here. Call on my first born son’s name. The name of Jesus has power to defeat anything set against you. Nobody has your back like I do. I want the best for you. I love you. Nobody loves you like I do. Nobody knows you like I do. Nobody knows what the future holds except me. I am waiting on you. Take a step and see all of the wonderful things that I have in store for you!”

Praise God!

God, is this really for me?

If you truly want to know if something is for you, here’s the best advice for anyone. If you want to know if this is something is in God’s plan you know by this one secret…

If everything in that situation goes smooth as butter. (THAT IS IN GOD’S PLAN FOR YOU) That’s the secret. Why? Because God puts favor around his children. He doesn’t allow his children to suffer in situations to have a hard time. Trust me on that one. If it’s smooth and everything is laid out for you He has that in HIs plan for your life. If that situation is rocky and you have to keep picking up the falling pieces you might want to go back to the corner and pray about that situation. If you ask God, “If this is part of your will for my life Lord I want it. If not, snatch it away I don’t want anything that is not in your will for my life.”

How do I know? I’m a living testimony, you can trust me on that!

God says what!?!…..

God says, “I am changing your plans!!” We need to hear Him. There are so many times that God is telling you something but you may not hear it because you are consumed by the world and all of the negativity around you. Stop, pause, take a break from the world to listen to His words. His words are powerful, but you have to separate yourself from everything to hear them. This is a beautiful place to connect with Him. This is also a great place to lay down your worries, plans, and life before His feet. This is the place where you need to bow down to Him. He’s showing you another level that you’ve never seen before. He is changing your plans because He says that there are several opportunities that has YOUR name on them. The place that you are going does not have them!!!! This is your season for answers! This is your season for opportunities! And most of all THIS IS YOUR SEASON FOR ENDLESS POSSIBLITIES! Are you willing to change your plans?