I Just Don’t Know!


Whether you are in a happy mood or if you are a mess right now, I think that this song will replenish your spirit. Sometimes we just need to lay on our faces and just let God know what’s on our hearts. There will be days when you feel so close and tap into His beautiful presence ready for treasures to be unlocked. Other days, you will feel empty with no words to describe how you feel. No matter what you’re going through, God knows exactly what you’re going through. You don’t have to be angry just because you can’t describe how you feel just focus on Him. When you focus strictly on His presence, you find yourself praising and worshiping and trying to understand HOW you got there. This has happened to me so many times. I was so confused but excited because I knew that He knew what I was going through and sent His Holy Spirit to help me get to where I needed to be! My God is so awesome!!!


Manifestations of your hard work!!

God says, “The manifestations of your hard work, tears in the middle of the night, and your praise and prayers are at hand. I have been watching you, leading and guiding you and you have followed the path of obedience that I have laid out for you! Every time I have told you a command, you have listened. Every time that I give you a blessing you praise me, and every time that you go through an obstacle, you lay it at my feet. You have given me everything and for that, your atmospheric shift and season of manifestations has been activated. Just you wait and see what I have planned for you ahead!!!!!”

He’s so awesome!!!šŸ˜

When will enough be enough!?!

When will enough be enough! When will enough be enough for us to get on our knees and start praying? And I am not talking about the five year old lay me down to sleep prayers. I am talking about praying to the Almighty Jesus Christ to cover us in His blood to protect us and to change the hearts and minds of all of these people. When will enough be enough for us to get back into the churches asking for the Holy Spirit to sweep this nation and all nations to seek after Him. When will enough be enough where we run to His word for guidance and stand tall not being afraid. We are letting the devil make us flee. Our prayers and praise can easily make Him flee. Let’s start praying harder and constantly have our mind on Jesus. It’s when we take our minds off when the enemy comes to knock us off of our feet. We cannot be moved. We will not be moved. The devil will try but He can only do so much. We serve the Heavenly Father that created the world in six days. The devil cannot do that! We serve the Lord Jesus Christ that was so powerful that death could not even HOLD Him. Let’s tell the enemy that He can’t hold us. We need to pray, pray, and PRAY EVEN MORE!

He has RISEN!!!!

Let’s scream and shout that Jesus Christ our Lord has Risen!!!

Wow! Today is the day that the King has risen from the dead! Nothing could stop Him not even the tomb. He is so awesome and worthy to be praised, honored, and adored! He is so worthy of our praise. Glory to the most high God! Let’s praise Him for He has risen. For He is coming back soon!!!!! Can’t wait for the day when we can rejoice with Him forever in that land of beauty and glory! Have an awesome Resurrection Day!!!! ā€Ŗ#ā€Žspreadgodsloveā€¬