Your Presence is Urgent!!

Just like a music director controls the sound of a massive group, God did the same by creating this earth and all of us. The point is God made you swiftly and spoke your being into existence for the purpose that He needs you to fulfill. There was urgency when you were created because God saw fit for you to be you, to have the talents, gifts, and to have the supporters you have at this appointed time! How awesome!!!!

Your presence on this earth is needed right now! You belong here with a purpose!!


Expecting the Unexpected


As we come to closer to December 25th, I think about the beautiful nativity scenes that are displayed and the beautiful story of Mary and Joseph and how they traveled to Bethlehem. Most of all I think of the story that is written in the book of Luke and how it covers the life of Jesus. I then begin to think of the song, “Breath of Heaven” by Amy Grant and while listening to this song I am immediately reminded of Mary’s perspective as she traveled with Joseph and how hard that journey must have been. Then I fast forward and think about how it must have been such a beautiful journey to raise Jesus the Son of God. Think of that for a second, just being able to watch the Savior of the world grow up to save the world. Lastly, I begin to think about the end of his life, but the beginning of eternal life for all of us. As you can see I think of a lot. But that’s not all.

From there I start thinking of myself in comparison to how God chose Mary and Joseph for that particular role. We should use this as a reminder that God chose us for different experiences, to have different perspectives, lives, and to raise the children that He wants us to raise. I think of how we should look at how both Mary and Joseph did not expect that to happen until the time came when Gabriel came to both of them. Nowadays God comes to us in dreams, visions, or just by the sound of his voice reaching out to our heart to do something that we didn’t expect. So this Christmas, let’s not only remember this beautiful story of how Jesus was brought to this earth. I think that we should also focus on hearing the voice of God to ensure that we are fulfilling the purpose and the role that He wants us to play as we live our lives. And finally, as we go into the new year let’s think of how we are fulfilling this purpose and if not how to begin.



I’m not going to tell you to be strong because we all go through it. Just know there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. ‪#‎Stillpraying‬ ‪#‎Psalm91everyoneeveryday‬

I’ve been broken and bruised
Wondering will God still use
Crying out to you
Got nothing left to loose
Father hear my plea
Need You to rescue me
Cause I’m broken

“Broken” Shekinah Glory

God I still can’t get an answer!!!!!!!!!

Are you calling out to God and still can’t get an answer?

God says, “I can hear you my sweet child. I am not responding because I am using you through the dark times. When I said that you are the salt of the world, when I said that you are the light of the world and that city upon a hill, I meant that. Your voice is meant to be heard. I am making your voice into a powerful tool that will be heard. Why am I not responding. I am responding through what is inside of you. I am responding through the atmosphere. I am responding to you even through your situation. You can hear me. You can feel me. Do you trust me? Do you love me enough to lay down where you are to focus on me? I am right here and will never leave you. Call on my firstborn son’s name, the name of Jesus. He is that ROCK. That mighty powerful rock and counselor that I sent just for you. Listen for my whisper. Listen for my song. Listen for my voice. That will be your signal to lead you on. That will be the signal for you to get off of your knees and start spreading my word. That will be the signal to spread my gospel. That will be the time that you will speak to the unbelievers, bring hope to the hopeless, bring that shining light into the dark places. I want to use you. You have a special purpose. Can I use you? Or will you let your purpose pass you by. Until then stay on your knees and your face until hear the signal to move!!!”

Matthew 5: 13-17

God says, “I did it on purpose!”

God says, “I did it on purpose!”

Says Jesus

Life can get super, super, super hard. I remember thinking and questioning God myself, but then this morning God spoke to me and said, “I did it on purpose!” God is an awesome God. He does what He wants and when He wants to. You have to trust him. It’s hard when you feel like He took your favorite relative away or that special person in your life that actually understood you. It’s hard, I know I have been there. But do you trust God?

God says, “I did it on purpose.” I did not understand a lot of things until I read the book of Ecclesiastes and found out that a lot of the answers to my questions were written in that beautiful book. I went years and years trying to figure out why and when, when they were lying at the foot of my bed in that beautiful book called, “The Holy Bible!” My heart was filled with so much joy as I saw the answers and heard His voice. This is all part of God’s plan. He is shaping us and molding us day by day. Even when we are sleeping I believe that God is working on us. Why? He gives us some of the most wonderful dreams and even dreams with that person that we thought we lost. God is using you. He did all of those things on purpose because He says, “I felt you needed those things to be equipped for your future seasons. You cannot continue on this life journey without those obstacles and roadblocks to learn from them. ”

Life can get so hard, mind blowing, and sometimes unbearable. There were plenty of times where you may crawl on the bed in tears crying to God saying, “I need you. I need you. Can you hear me!!!” And the best part is that He is listening to you. He is right there with you. He feels your pain. He felt that pain when He sent his firstborn son Jesus down to the cross for all of us. Jesus knows and he already felt what you felt a long time ago. Jesus says, “I’ve been there sweetheart. I know and I’ve felt what you’ve felt.” Just know that He will never ever leave you. You have a special friend in Jesus and a special place in your heart that no one else can fill except Jesus. He will never leave you alone to tackle life by yourself. Just call on Him. He may not reply immediately but just know that He is listening to His friend. He knows who you are and what you are going through. His love is just that strong for you. He wants the best for you! He loves you endlessly!

Consistency is the key to gain victory in war!

Consistency is the key to gain victory in war!

We as Christians as children of God are missing one key element to win this victory, consistency. It seems like there are too many people in the church and all around us that pray when it is time to pray and do the Christian duties when asked. We have to be consistent. Why does the devil win? Because we let him win. When he comes into our minds with crazy thoughts/ ideas we have the power to decide whether we will win or the devil will win. The devil may try to trick or convince you into a rational reason as to why that decision is great. But the Holy Spirit can easily lead you and guide you to do the right thing that is in God’s plan for your life. We have to be consistent in prayer and the lifestyle that we live. We do not need to tolerate in and everything because that opens the door of opportunities for the devil to come in and guide us out of the will of God. We have to be consistent. Consistency is the key.

In the bible Job was a consistent servant of God. Every time the devil tried to get over and do something new, Job was consistent in serving God. How do you think he won the battle in the end. It wasn’t because he gave up. Even though the devil threw different obstacles in his path, he did not get distracted from God. We have to be like Job and be consistent servants and worshippers. Even though the world, society, and the devil himself may try to bring us down, we have to be determined not to be let down. We have the power to make the best of our lives and our daily decisions. The phrase, “The devil made me do it,” is not true. God grants us free will and we as Christians have the power to decide who will be in charge of our lives. God was in charge of Job’s life and he was determined not to give up. He is the perfect example of consistency in the Christian lifestyle.

When things and situations get hard and tough and you feel like giving up, DON’T! Consistency is the key. Don’t let the devil win. Don’t let the devil discourage you. Keep fighting. Keep working. Keep praying and believing. When you feel weak and feel like you have no strength left to give, don’t give up. You have the power to keep fighting. Consistency is the key. Consistency is the key to win the battle and to gain victory. Life can be a battlefield but you have the power to say, “I Got THIS!” God has already equipped you for this. Keep praying and believing. Every time when you want to give up keep praying and believing. You have a life to live. You have a purpose. You have a destiny. You cannot give up now because a  marvelous testimony is waiting on you at the finish line. Are you going to give up on the people that need to hear your testimony that can help them get into the Kingdom of God? Don’t you want God to use your heart and your life? Be consistent. Be consistent. Be consistent. Be CONSISTENT. You can’t give up now!

Romans 8:30

“Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified”


God says, “You are not a mistake. You are not a waste of anointing. I have created you specifically for my glory. You have a beautiful life to live. If you give your life to me. I will replenish abundant blessings in your life. Blessings and ideas that will promote you to another level in the natural world and the supernatural world. Never down yourself. Don’t talk yourself down. My anointing is not a waste. My anointing is not to be compared to anyone else. My anointing belongs to ME!

My sweet child, you are about to embark on an endless journey. This journey is one that have never imagined. You will get a chance to experience my abundant glory and bring hope to the hopeless. People need you. I will send you the people. Just give your gift to me. If you humble yourself, and continue to seek my face. You will be blown away by all that I will bring you. Are you ready?”

My God is awesome!!!!