God Says…

trust me.jpg

God Says, “Why do you only expect for me to show up during your biggest situations? I will never leave you nor forsake. I am there during the smallest moments as well. When your heart just randomly feels like crying, when the wind is blowing and your day is okay, and even when someone smiles back at you in the store. I will never leave. I love you more than you could ever imagine love to be. My love for you does not compare to anything and will never be equivalent to anything you will face in life. Nothing and no one can compare to the things I’ve done and will do for you. Most of all, no one knows you, feels you, and loves you like I do everyday all day long!”


He has RISEN!!!!

Let’s scream and shout that Jesus Christ our Lord has Risen!!!

Wow! Today is the day that the King has risen from the dead! Nothing could stop Him not even the tomb. He is so awesome and worthy to be praised, honored, and adored! He is so worthy of our praise. Glory to the most high God! Let’s praise Him for He has risen. For He is coming back soon!!!!! Can’t wait for the day when we can rejoice with Him forever in that land of beauty and glory! Have an awesome Resurrection Day!!!! ‪#‎spreadgodslove‬