Your Presence is Urgent!!

Just like a music director controls the sound of a massive group, God did the same by creating this earth and all of us. The point is God made you swiftly and spoke your being into existence for the purpose that He needs you to fulfill. There was urgency when you were created because God saw fit for you to be you, to have the talents, gifts, and to have the supporters you have at this appointed time! How awesome!!!!

Your presence on this earth is needed right now! You belong here with a purpose!!


What does it take?

Another level

God gives us two options in life. Since He gives us free will you have the power to decide what you want to do. These two options are powerful because either way God gets what He wants because of His majestic power and authority. So God says do you want to get rid of your unfruitful bad habits or do you want me to yank them out of you? Either way He wants you to ascend to another level in Him and He is waiting for you! He wants to see the best in you. Unfruitful habits and an unfruitful lifestyle is not pleasing to Him. You have gifts and talents that you never thought you had. Now is the time to seek and find them. The only way is by getting rid of the unfruitful habits. Will you unwrap of the unfruitful things? Or do you want God to unwrap you? The time is now to decide. Because God is on a time crunch. He needs warriors that will rise up and make a difference and he does not have time to waste. So what will you do?

God is pure and holy. He does not dwell in lies, deceit, and uncleanliness!
Ezekiel 44:9
Ezekiel 44:23