Your Presence is Urgent!!

Just like a music director controls the sound of a massive group, God did the same by creating this earth and all of us. The point is God made you swiftly and spoke your being into existence for the purpose that He needs you to fulfill. There was urgency when you were created because God saw fit for you to be you, to have the talents, gifts, and to have the supporters you have at this appointed time! How awesome!!!!

Your presence on this earth is needed right now! You belong here with a purpose!!


Facing the Lord in the midst of your mightmares.

God says, “My sweet child, you don’t even have to say a word. I already know how you feel and what you are going through.”

Facing the Lord in the midst of your nightmares is the only answer to life’s most difficult situations. He is the only one that knows the answers to questions that no one else knows the answer to. Life can get really hard and at times unbearable. There will be plenty of times that the tears will just flow down your cheeks like rain on a window. It will be okay. God is right there listening. He will hold your hand and love you unlike any other person or thing in this world 🙂