“Come to me sweet child!”

God says, “My sweet, sweet child you can’t hear me voice. When you get away from the world, when you listen for my voice, my words will come softly speaking to lead you and guide you. Deep connection is best made in silence. I can talk to you through meditation of my word and through the intimate peace that the Holy Spirit brings when silence arrives. If you will just close your eyes and focus on my presence and my firstborn son Jesus, you will find that, that peace will immediately surround you with a song lurking into your heart. As you begin to tap into my presence just give your burdens to me making way for freedom to arrive in your heart. Immediately my words will be ‘Come to me sweet child and let me surround you with my love, contagious presence, and constant freedom.’ So, come to me my sweet child, listen for my voice even in the midst of the night. You are not alone. I am right there waiting to just fill your heart with joy, love, laughter, and most of all freedom from this world of burden, heartache, and captivity!!”
Psalms 19:14
“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.”

God I still can’t get an answer!!!!!!!!!

Are you calling out to God and still can’t get an answer?

God says, “I can hear you my sweet child. I am not responding because I am using you through the dark times. When I said that you are the salt of the world, when I said that you are the light of the world and that city upon a hill, I meant that. Your voice is meant to be heard. I am making your voice into a powerful tool that will be heard. Why am I not responding. I am responding through what is inside of you. I am responding through the atmosphere. I am responding to you even through your situation. You can hear me. You can feel me. Do you trust me? Do you love me enough to lay down where you are to focus on me? I am right here and will never leave you. Call on my firstborn son’s name, the name of Jesus. He is that ROCK. That mighty powerful rock and counselor that I sent just for you. Listen for my whisper. Listen for my song. Listen for my voice. That will be your signal to lead you on. That will be the signal for you to get off of your knees and start spreading my word. That will be the signal to spread my gospel. That will be the time that you will speak to the unbelievers, bring hope to the hopeless, bring that shining light into the dark places. I want to use you. You have a special purpose. Can I use you? Or will you let your purpose pass you by. Until then stay on your knees and your face until hear the signal to move!!!”

Matthew 5: 13-17

God says, “Do you trust me?”

I remember it was some time ago during my first semester of college and I was just walking around the house when this small yet powerful voice came to me and said, “Do you trust me?” It really caught me off guard so bad that I stopped and just paused for a second. Then the voice came to me and said again, “Do you trust me?” I immediately knew that it was God speaking to me but it was something that I was not willing to face at that time.

When I was growing up, there were a whole lot of deaths in my family. It all started with my maternal grandmother when I was five years old. Nobody had to explain to me what death was because I already knew  at such a young age. From then on aunts, uncles, cousins passed away year after year ranging in three or sometimes more throughout the years. Thank God it was not a parent or sibling because honestly I don’t know how I would have handled it. Anyways, my trust in God was at a minimum. Sadly, I trusted Him to a point and then I thought in my little mind of mine that I would take it from there. I know that was wrong now but at that time I was too afraid to trust him. I felt that if I did trust Him everything would be taken away. This was something that no one actually knew about I should have told my parents but I didn’t so I had to deal with the consequences on my own growing up. Overall, by the time I graduated from high school my trust in God was at like 5%. I was petrified of what He would do to my family. I was so afraid that He would take someone away again and I felt like I just could not let that happen to me again. That night when He asked me if I trust I knew with everything that I didn’t but I was afraid to say, “I know you are God but I don’t trust you.” So instead, I did not answer I mean this is God we are talking about not just a childhood friend deciding what yogurt to get you. So I knew that this was something I needed to face but never knew when I would face it. So that night I knew I had to work on that. That one question changed my perspective because I knew that I need to trust him.

Throughout the next three months or so, God truly taught me about trust. He would comfort me and teach me things through the verses in the bible. And the more I prayed and gave more of myself to him, the more I was starting to trust him. The more I felt safe the more I gave more and more to him. By the end of the year, my heart was on fire for Him. I could not let go of all of the awesome love that he just poured in my spirit. I would rush to my room just to spend more time with him and to pray. I would fast more to have a deeper connection. I gave him everything my all from everything I was and everything that I have. I just couldn’t resist. And now I can say that my trust in Him is overflowing like never before.

My point:

Don’t be afraid to let go. There are too many things that the devil wants to use through you to try to separate you from God. He wants you to be afraid of him. He wants you to back away from God. But God is waiting for you. He wants you to know that you can trust him. He loves you. God can comfort you and love you like no one else. You are his child. He loves you endlessly. So God says, “Will you trust me?”

Will you trust him?